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Today I talk with my good friend John Moore. He loves generosity as much as our sr. pastor and has committed his life to the principles he has learned from scripture. We will find out a little about his life.

John founded John Moore Associates (JMA) in 1997 with a passion to both serve his community and help his community serve others through the causes that matter to them. His diligent stewardship is in part refined by his military experience, which instilled in him a strong sense of discipline and strategic thinking. John handed off the leadership of JMA to Brian Cochran in 2022 but continues to lend his wisdom to the JMA team as a consultant. An avid flyer since the age of 16, John has enjoyed flying both airplanes and gliders and spending time with his wife of over 40 years, Connie.

John believes that the best financial meetings have nothing to do with money. He knows that our most valuable asset is people.

John would say that these are his values and the values of the company he founded.

Our community is our most valuable asset. We put others before ourselves and are committed to collaboration, loyalty, and trust-building with all clients, vendors and coworkers, knowing that together we can help create more fulfilling futures.

Our expertise is only as deep as the wisdom we seek. We continually pursue a greater knowledge of our trade, our clients, and the world, combined with timeless and transcendent principles of the bible, so that we may provide fruitful counsel.

We bring a servant’s heart to all we do, with caring, attentive, proactive, and responsive service to our clients and colleagues. We consistently find real solutions to clients’ challenges to optimize stewardship.

We believe that sharing God’s resources and encouraging a life of giving will have a deep and lasting impact on families, our communities, and our own joy.


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