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Today is a special episode focusing on our mission partners currently in Israel and going through the holocaust of this generation. I am speaking with one of the leaders CCV supports, Saleem Hanna. Saleem and his wife, Andera, are a couple who are leading a church in Nazareth. He is an excellent communicator in an Arab-Israeli church. He is very active in the churches and ministries in Israel, helping forge unity within multi-church backgrounds and promoting a Biblical ministry model.

Saleem and Andera are part of the Christian Holy Land Foundation, which partners with six pastoring couples native to the Galilee region of northern Israel. As church planters, they serve both established congregations and 'home' churches. They are also active in specialized ministries such as Women's programs and trainings, Believer reconciliation events, youth groups, and more.

Since 2005, they have expanded from 6 ministries in 5 different communities to working with two dozen groups in nearly 30 villages and towns. CCV is proud that God has allowed us to have played a part in their growth.


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