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Retirement is generally recognized as a part of the American Dream. Not mine by the way.  We grow up, we work, we retire, and we die. It’s just another part of the rhythm of life. But is the hope of an easy life of retirement something Christians should cling to?

Not according to Mike McClain a long time friend who is as active as ever leading people to Christ. 

The model that the culture seems to point toward for retirement (at least if I can trust the ads on television) is one of complete leisure, once I quit working, for the rest of my life.

Yet even before sin came into the world, God told us to work,  (Gen 1:28). Idleness and dissipation do not appear to be a part of the divine design for humans.

In fact, the model of retirement that is built around limitless leisure seems to undermine God’s design for human existence.

Mike will share how God is using him in a time that world says to retire.


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