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I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing man of God. He has a unique gift of teaching people how to memorize. 

Emmy-nominated founder and lead pastor of Hope In Numbers, Gordon Wickert is pursuing the mission to lead people in transforming every number seen into a timely, powerful verse from scripture that can be applied daily so nothing can separate people from the living word of God. He is an empowering leader who provides inspirational teaching and visionary leadership. Gordon has worked as a youth Pastor for 11 years and Graduated from the Vineyard Institute in 2005. He is the author of the book Hope In Numbers. He lives in Peoria, Arizona with his wife Cindy, and has 5 kids including his 4 daughters Ky, Emily, Hope, and Hallelujah as well as his son Andrew James who recently passed on into eternity with the Lord. 

Gordon prays that Christian families can raise their children to see God’s word in numbers so that they can know God all the days of their life, as they fall deeper in love with Jesus Christ.


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