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To inspire people to live generously is what Brad Formsma is all about. After meeting his amazing mother I understand where he gets. He is the founder and president of I Like Giving, a movement that has inspired more than 120 million people in 170 countries to live generously. In his books and messages, he helps organizations create engaged teams and fulfilling workplaces through the power of generosity. 
He’s spoken to hundreds of thousands, encouraging a lifestyle of giving everywhere he goes.
Brad is a master storyteller and speaker, and the author of the bestselling book “I Like Giving: The Transforming Power of a Generous Life,” named one of the top inspirational books of 2015.

Brad has inspired several fortune 50 and fortune 100 companies businesses across the United States with a refreshing approach to engaging teams, which impacts employee retention, customer service, and an organization’s health. He has been featured on “TODAY” and Fox News and a long list fortune 100 companies. 

He has spoken here at CCV and inspired our staff, why? Because he is good friends with our Sr pastor Ashley Wooldridge, who, like Brad has a passion for generosity.


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