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Today we will talk with Jacob Park, a good friend and one the godliest man I know. He is the COO of CRAM. Their mission is to take the love of Jesus Christ to the people of Asia. By meeting their physical needs we gain the opportunity to meet their spiritual needs. Hunger is something people face daily. Many of them do not know when their next meal will be. Many people of Asia struggle with the fear of having no food to feed their family or themselves. In 1997, the Lord placed a burning desire within the hearts of C. Y. and Patricia Kim to evangelize and meet the physical needs of people living in the communist countries of Asia. Through God’s amazing grace and guidance, He has expanded those opportunities, and Christ Reaching Asia Mission (CRAM) Worldwide now shares benevolent works in China, North and South Korea, Cambodia, and the Philippines. Established in 1998, CRAM is an active accredited member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, ensuring our supporters that we follow the highest standards of accountability.


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