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In this episode, I will be talking with two of the Youth Pastors here at CCV to get their perspective on students on mission trips. 

Sending high school kids on mission trips is a great idea for several reasons. Parental concerns like, "Why are you wishing to send students overseas when there is so much work to be done here?" are common for me as a missions pastor to hear. Even when we travel within the United States, I am frequently asked this question.

While it's true that we have plenty to accomplish at home, high school students should nonetheless consider participating in mission trips abroad. Mission trips give the youth of the church I serve the opportunity to learn that God can use them to spread his name, and I find it to be a really rewarding experience. We believe that sending out missionaries is a vital element of our plan to see those far from God become devout disciples of Jesus Christ.

Every short-term group should go into the trip with the mindset of a student, ready to learn from the experiences of the long-term missionaries and eager to assist them in any way they can. Primarily, short-term travel affords the chance to spread the gospel to far-flung regions of the world.


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