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Today we are going to talk about Europe. So much about Europe, we can relate to here in the US. Many in Europe are discouraged and feel cynical about the future.  As freedoms of speech and religion have become more limited, anger towards government figures grows.  Distrust is high in politicians and their effectiveness to solve the issues that plague their countries. Europe is in desperate need of a spiritual revival because the only one who can lift the weight of hopelessness and despondency from Europe's shoulders is Christ.

That disciple-making process was so clearly role modeled and taught to us by Christ himself. He asked his disciples to see for themselves, then to believe and to follow him. And then of course we get very clear instruction 5 times as Jesus gives his final command to go and make disciples.

And that is exactly what Josiah's venture is doing in walking with young people through the process of disciple-making, challenging them to take the next step in the journey from unbelief to spiritual maturity.

And with me today is Kelly Hargan, Director of Josiah Venture, US I had the privilege of working with Kelly in Czech Republic back in 2019. I left so encouraged by their heart for youth. I saw Josiah Venture boldly standing on the front lines of ministry in a spiritually dark place. I saw lives bein
g transformed.



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