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Mary is no stranger to the podcast, having been previously featured in episode 13 of season one. She embarked on her journey of service after accepting Christ and sharing His message through local mission work. Originally starting her studies at Kenyatta University, Mary's path took a turn when she met a young worship leader whose stories intrigued her. This encounter led her to the Mary Valley in Nairobi, Kenya, home to one of the oldest and largest slums in the city. Witnessing extreme poverty firsthand, Mary felt a calling to devote her life to helping those in need.

Living among the impoverished community, Mary was shocked by the unhealthy and dangerous conditions people endured. Determined to make a difference, she co-founded Missions of Hope (MOHI) alongside Dr. Wallace Kamau. CCV has long supported MOHI, not only financially but also through active participation in serving the community. Mary's dedication to her mission has inspired countless individuals, and listeners can learn more about MOHI's impactful work by visiting MOHIAfrica.org.


Website:   https://mohiafrica.org/
Mobile App:  https://mohiafrica.org/mobile-app/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoHiAfrica/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mohiafrica/?hl=en

Christ’s Church of the Valley: https://ccv.church/
CCV Missions:  https://ccv.church/ministries/missions
Let’s Go 360:  https://www.letsgo360.org/
Pastor Larrie Fraley: linkedin.com/in/larrie-fraley-53445032
Email: missions@ccv.church 

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