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Although he grew up in Philadelphia as a PK (Preacher's Kid), he didn't take his religion seriously until he was far into adulthood. He is now a leader in a group that distributes Bibles and other biblical resources in over 20 languages to people in more than 30 nations. What began as a covert effort to spread God's Word in the Soviet Union has gone on to affect people all around the world. All that and more on the upcoming episode of Let's Go 360.


Dirk was married to his beautiful, spirit-filled wife Wendy for 34 years. Wendy battled ALS for 4 years and went to her perfect rest on January 9, 2023. Dirk resides in the greater Nashville area and is Dad to three adult children, Taryn, Tyler, and Trevor. Dirk is an experienced presenter and storyteller and loves sharing the stories of what God is doing through the ministry of Eastern European Mission.


An accomplished manager, he earned experience in business development with an eye for revenue building through positions with firms like Jackson & Coker in Dallas, TX and T. Williams Consulting serving clients in PA, NJ and NY. He holds a BA in Mathematics and an MBA with a focus on Organizational Development and Ethics.


Website: https://www.eem.org/

Christ’s Church of the Valley: https://ccv.church
CCV Missions: https://ccv.church/ministries/missions
Let’s Go 360: https://www.letsgo360.org
Pastor Larrie Fraley: https://www.linkedin.com/in/larrie-fraley-53445032
Email: missions@ccv.church

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