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For thousands of years humanity has struggled with the riddle of just how to help those with addiction, but meaningful treatment was elusive in the early 1900s.  A group of desperate alcoholics developed a spiritual answer to what was newly being called a disease. We know them as AA.

Dr Don Middleton is a board-certified in family medicine and has practiced in Arizona for 30 years. He’s currently on the medical staff of the internationally acclaimed metals, behavior health of Wickenburg and medical Director for a group of men’s health clinics. A lifelong Arizona and he developed his love for science and nutrition at an AU And Madison at Western University of health science. He considers the entire world, his family in Christ, but is attended CCV for over 20 years.

Whether you’re battling addiction or have a loved one battling addiction  Don is committed to take the principles of AA along with modern Christian faith approach to help educate and guide addicts through recovery. In his book Don provides a perfect balance of faith and scientific knowledge to what and why addicts struggle with and go through. This book along with the work book has helped countless people to recovery. 


Him and Them
Him and Them Workbook

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