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Missions of hope have been a long-term mission partner of CCV. I highly encourage you to listen to episode 13, where the founders of missions of hope, Mary and Wallace Kamau of Missions of Hope, which call MOHI for short,   were interviewed in a podcast here at let's go 360. This episode I have chosen To call, After Missions of Hope. Today we will talk with Natasha Feagins, the Director of Sponsorship and Advancement for MOHI.

Today we will explore what happens to children who have completed school and enter the world as independent young men and women.

Natasha oversees the Sponsorship program in the US. Her team manages the sponsorship of 25,000+ students and works closely with all their sponsors. 

Natasha is also responsible for creating and cultivating relationships with partnering organizations, corporations, and foundations to further MOHI's mission and benefit the communities they serve. 

In full transparency, I have known Natasha and her family for  20 years now, and I have to say I think she is one of the hardest-working people I know. She has such a massive heart for underprivileged children living in some of the worst conditions in the world. She has worked with some fantastic non-profits, providing scholarships to graduating students, working with local children's shelters, and fundraising for local child abuse rescue organizations.


Website: https://mohiafrica.org/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/MoHiAfrica

Instagram:  @mohiafrica

Christ’s Church of the Valley: https://ccv.church/ 

CCV Missions:  www.ccv.church/missions  

Let’s Go 360:  https://letsgo360.org

Pastor Larrie Fraley: linkedin.com/in/larrie-fraley-53445032 

Email: missions@ccv.church 


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